Monday, July 14, 2014

Keeping Life Simple and Eco Friendly

 Natural products are in demand in this new age, considering our pursuit to use products which  does not contain a multitude of foreign ingredients.  Most products on the market, have ingredients listed that requires scientific knowledge to determine what they are. When purchasing a product for your body, a consumer should not be forced to refer to a dictionary for the definition of the ingredients included in the items they purchase.  In our products, it is very simple ALL ingredients listed are of Mother Nature's uncultivated elements. You will not find 5% or less of a natural ingredient, with the balance listing foreign ingredients in our products. We are in process of adding new items to our product line, we will be updating our line shortly. Please be sure to check our website for available samples of our new Facial products Coming Soon!!. Any Eco Friendly   comments are welcome. 

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