Monday, August 4, 2014

Customer Relations Retention in Business

  My passion for customer relations has enabled me to develop great business relationships and clients. Considering the timeframe of the Telephone Messaging Source business operation, I have developed positive relationships with a host of businesses on Long Island. I have clients that have acknowledged my qualified customer relation skills through testimonials. The admiration and appreciation portrayed by my clients warms my heart. My first client for my answering service continued for 2 years, and then later found he did not need my services due to the nature of his business volume. Seven months later he called and has returned, the gratitude of his return overwhelmed me, he could have easily found another service, however the quality of my answer services justified his return.  My customer relations path continues with my natural products. We have added Lip Balm to my list of natural products produced by Scented Creations 4U. This product is made of Shea butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil and Sweet Orange Citrus Essential Oil. I recently introduced Peppermint Essential Oil to the Lip Balm line, we cannot make enough of it. I have a customer who purchases my lip balms in bulk, she told me she keeps one in her purse, sweater pockets and jean pockets. Her reason being, she does not like to be without it. This particular customer is a manger in an Arts and Craft store in my neighborhood. Each time I visit the store, she immediately refers to the wonderful lip balm she purchases from me.  That is  a great marketing tool I would say... wouldn't you?. I also have another customer who constantly raves about the hand cream, she offers the use of it to her friends and family members to try out. She has referred five customers to me since using it. I look forward to life's long career for both businesses.  Wouldn't you like a sample of scented creations 4u products? Just log on to and request a sample! If you are in need of or know someone in need of an answering service with superior customer service recognition, please log on to

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