Sunday, September 25, 2016

Skin Moisturizing Season

Let's talk about the natural ingredients that assist your skin with the dry imperfections of the winter months.  All of our skin is affected by the winter season, our face, our body, our hands, our lips, and our feet. During this time of the year our skin needs an abundance of moisturizing, my suggestion is to log on to for the natural creams that will enhance your skin with the mother nature moisturizing elements needed. We have a lip balm which will keep your lips moisturized daily, and protect your lips from the winds and low temperatures. We have Body Cream that will keep your skin moisturized during the day to help heal the dryness of the winter weather daily. We also have a Silky Hand Cream that will absorb into your hands without a greasy effect only to moisturize them. The Foot cream that will alleviate  cracked and dry skin on your feet over night, feeling soft and ready for the next day.  All the above mentioned body creams are truly natural. The full details of the ingredients are listed on each item, and there are NO foreign ingredients included to promote shelf life. These products are made to order and will complete the moisture needed for your dry skin during this season and all seasons. The Lavender essential oil scent will present a relaxing calmness as well as a soothing fragrance to your skin. Don't take my word for it- just log onto to request a sample of your choice of the natural items offered. I look forward to your comments after using any our creams.

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