Thursday, October 30, 2014

The need to Identify Natural Products

When identifying natural products, we need to read the labels very carefully. The other day I went into the neighborhood pharmacy to read the ingredients listed on products that identify themselves as  "All Natural". I was amazed at the ingredients listed,  95% of the ingredients listed were not Mother Nature's ingredients at all. When using the term " All Natural" one would expect to see three or more ingredients which are earth grown with the amazing moisturizing abilities that Mother Nature provides. Of course it is more cost effective to purchase items with man made elements to promote shelf life, however this does discount the natural properties of the product.  Our products are made to order,  the ingredients listed are ALL Natural. When purchasing our products, you will find the ingredients that are listed to be from the earth, no foreign ingredients included.  I encourage customer's to try our products to determine how these products nurture the dryness of our skin. The  climate change is approaching which causes severe dryness to our skin.  You will find the need to use a natural body cream, lip balm, foot cream and hand cream etc. to combat the dryness.  At this time you can request samples by logging on to We welcome your comments after receiving your samples,  and we look forward to supplying your skin with the ultimate moisturizing experience nature can provide.

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