Sunday, May 17, 2015

I am Back!

I took a few months off to decide how to proceed with my blog. I changed the name from Scented Creations4U to  DenisesViews I have decided to discuss various subjects, as well as market my businesses in my posts.  I would like to re-introduce myself to my readers.  I am senior who is now engaged in my life long dream of being an entrepreneur.  This is a long over due dream that has finally come true. I have worked for various industries in the Customer Service Field, enjoying every minute of it. With that in mind  I chose  the "Telephone Messaging Source" as a continuation of my passion for assisting others.  I am a spontaneous and creative individual making all the decisions in life with an open mind. I am deeply in touch with my emotions, therefore anything I engage in I put my heart and soul into it. Through life we all have overcome many challenges and adversities. There were times in life that we all never imagined overcoming those obstacles,  however with positive thought , determination, and faith we are here to  move on. My belief is that life can be very simple & complex. Simple meaning- choose what is best for you and go for it. Complex meaning you have to rethink which way to go forward.  I admire simplicity and I try to balance life with a great outlook on the good and the bad. I admire complexity as well, because it gives you a chance to re-evaluate, soul search, and then change the road to success. Accomplishments have no age restrictions.  Once you reach the age of sixty and over one should  re-evaluate the likes, dislikes, accomplishment, failures, and all the negatives. Then carefully decide how you are going to move forward towards your goal in this next chapter of your life . Become an innovator, make the world your playground  choosing which ride is best for you.  Play the cards you are dealt in this life like a winner regardless of what cards you receive :)  My textbook defines - WINNER and I shall continue to conquer the obstacles placed before me. Please see, read the testimonials from my clients, their words illustrate my company's success.

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