Monday, December 21, 2015

Using Nature's Products for Laundry

While searching for healthier alternative solutions to every day living, I came across some interesting facts. I would like to share as an alternative recipe for a three ingredient laundry detergent product. In the beginning I must admit I was apprehensive in trying anything other than Tide, All, Cheer etc. Those listed as well as other detergents was all I  knew. The only way to get your laundry clean was to wash with the detergents that were advertised and sold in the supermarkets.  Once I began researching natural products for the skin, I decided to do the same for my  clothing. If one is attempting to lesson the foreign ingredients in skin care, it just makes sense to attempt the same option for the clothing that you wear against your skin. Today I am going to share some important facts for changing your laundry detergent preferences. This article will educate you on the earth's deposits that have proven cleaning components. There are many alternative reviews on the listing of ingredients I will provide, however I have the seen the difference in my laundry and with that proof that is all I needed to continue with producing my own laundry detergent. The three ingredients listed can be purchased from several locations at a minimal cost and will last way beyond a normal bottle or box of detergents purchased from your local grocery stores. I purchase all three items from  After using these ingredients for my detergent, I recognized the intensity of the color of my towels, sheets, and clothing. The ingredients are: Borax. Washing soda, and Fels-Naptha laundry bar soap or Dr. Bonner's soap, and water.  A description of the ingredients are listed below:

 Borax is a naturally occurring mineral powder that consists of soft, colorless crystals. 

 Washing Soda helps it act as a solvent to remove a range of stains, and unlike bleach, washing soda does not usually stain. It is also used in detergent mixtures to treat hard water.

Fels- Naptha & Dr. Bonners soaps - The ingredients in these soaps are not all natural, there are some foreign ingredients listed but to add these soaps to the washing soda, and Borax is closer to a healthier and more natural  choice.

You will find this to be the best laundry detergent for clothing, sheets, towels, and all the washable items you own.  

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